A lot of drivers only look at their vehicle’s mileage to decide when it is time to get an oil change. There are other components, however, that are important to know about your vehicle, including the quality of its oil, the age of your vehicle, and how often you drive it. For example, Hyundai of New Bern says that the time for an oil change will differ if you drive an Elantra every day during a long commute compared to a Tucson you don’t put a lot of mileage on. 

Clean oil keeps your engine healthy and optimizes your vehicle’s efficiency. It is important to recognize the signs that your car’s oil needs changing, so that your car can stay at its best performance to get you where you need to go.

Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

Check Engine or Oil Change Light

This is the most obvious indication your car might need an oil change. The warning oil change light will alert you if there’s not enough oil in the vehicle. If the check engine light goes on, conditions may be worse and your engine could be at risk for long-term damage. It is important to keep maintenance up on your car to avoid this progression.

Engine Noise and Ticking Sounds

If oil isn’t moving through your vehicle correctly, the engine will make a lot of noise that could sound like a ticking or rumbling sound. That’s a sign that components that normally move smoothly against each other are low on lubricant.

Dark or Dirty Oil

Over time, oil gets darker and harder to see through as particles from the engine affect the oil. Test your oil once a month by removing the dipstick, wiping it off and returning it to the oil tank, and then removing the dipstick a second time to see the color and translucency of your oil. 

Exhaust Smoke

If black smoke comes out of your car’s tailpipe, it could mean an oil leak or faulty engine parts.  

Oil Smell

If the inside of your car starts to smell of oil, that is another indication of a necessary oil change. It often means an oil leak has occurred, and you should respond by scheduling a maintenance appointment.

Next Steps

There are maintenance tasks you can do monthly to keep your car’s oil in check, the most important being testing your oil with its dipstick. It is also important that you know the maintenance services available in your area. 

Hyundai of New Bern understands the importance of keeping your vehicle up on maintenance so that it can stay a healthy vehicle with a long future ahead of it, and with an efficient engine that delivers on performance every day. 

Hyundai also makes it easy for you to estimate when your next service visit should be. This tool on the Hyundai USA website will help you determine the best time to check your vehicle, based on the specific model you drive. 

Make an Appointment at Hyundai of New Bern

Once you have determined the approximate time for a check in, or you have observed some signs that make you think you need an oil change, schedule a service appointment online at Hyundai of New Bern. There you can receive an oil change, among many other services to keep you up on the maintenance of your Hyundai. Our service technicians want to help you keep your vehicle healthy, so that it can keep you on the road, driving safely and efficiently.