Holidays are a time for family — and often, this necessitates travel. This makes it essential to be safe on the road. After all, long drives, shorter days, snow, and ice can be a recipe for a crash. In fact, 70% of US roads are in snowy areas and 17% of all car crashes happen during winter weather conditions.

So how can you keep you and your family safe on the road during your holiday road trip? We’ve put together a checklist of holiday travel tips that will help you prepare for your drive and stay safe on the road.

Holiday Road Trip Preparation Checklist

    • Put together an emergency kit: Make sure you have the tools and equipment you’ll need if you get stuck on the road. This includes:
      • First aid kit
      • Road flares
      • Jumper cables
      • Gas can
      • Spare tire
      • Jack 
    • Stock up on food, snacks and beverages: If you end being caught in traffic due to weather conditions or a crash — or get stuck in the snow or ice — you’ll want to be prepared. Make sure you pack plenty of healthy snack foods, water, and any other treats.
    • Get your car inspected and tuned up: You don’t want to discover a vehicle issue on the road. Before going on a road trip, take your car to a local service center to ensure it’s in good shape.


  • Download travel apps: Take advantage of the many apps out there that can make your life easier on the road. Besides the navigation apps, here are some useful ones:


    • GasBuddy – Find gas stations with the cheapest prices near you.
    • TripAdvisor – Find hotels near you, and see reviews, prices, and more.
    • AAA TripTik Mobile – See gas prices, maps, directions, AAA approved auto shops, hotels, and more.
  • Bring vehicles documents: Make sure you bring along your car insurance and registration information on any trip.

Tune Up Your Car Before Holiday Travel at Hyundai of New Bern

The best thing you can do before getting on the road this holiday season is ensuring your car is in top shape. The expert technicians can help. Explore our Hyundai service specials and schedule Hyundai service in New Bern NC at our local dealership.

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