The Hyundai Tucson is known for its outstanding safety. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) awarded the 2017 Tucson a 5-star overall safety rating. But did you know that the Hyundai Tucson is also known for its great gas mileage? Yes, this crossover/SUV is fuel efficient because of the handy feature, Active Eco.

What is the Active Eco feature in my Hyundai Tucson?

Active Eco is a feature in the Hyundai Tucson that allows your car to, according to Hyundai, “perform at the optimal level to receive maximum fuel efficiency by controlling the vehicle’s shifting patterns.” With up to an EPA-estimated 32 MPG Highway, Active Eco does its job right.

Does Hyundai’s Active Eco make my Tucson’s engine less powerful?

When Active Eco is engaged, this means that the Tucson’s engine is operating at the most efficient level to give you optimum gas mileage. This can mean that your car may not accelerate as fast as it would with the feature turned off. So, if you think you’ll need to accelerate a little more quickly than usual as you’re entering the highway, then you can momentarily turn off the Active Eco feature. Otherwise, whenever Active Eco is activated, your engine will be operating at full capacity while saving you money at the gas pump.

Do other Hyundai models have Active Eco?

The impressive Active Eco feature isn’t limited to only the Hyundai Tucson. In fact, you can find it on several models! These include the Hyundai Sonata and the Hyundai Elantra. In order to find out if the Hyundai you’re interested in has Active Eco, contact your local Hyundai dealer.

Experience Active Eco at Hyundai of New Bern

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