There have been many launches of new products and accessories with the aim of marrying a brand’s superior aesthetic appeal to its practical merits. Case in point is Genesis from Hyundai. What once was a high-end sedan is now its own sub-brand, set apart from the rest for good reason.

The ethos behind Hyundai’s new design drive with Genesis Motors is to deliver personalized and memorable experiences to consumers at an appropriate price point.

Human-centered experiences in Hyundai car design.

Hyundai has focused on refined performance which is equal or even better than some of the best car manufacturing traditions in the world. There are six models that are part of the Genesis collection, all of which should be available by 2020. For now, we can look at the G80 and the G90, as well as the new Azera, and speculate on what comes next.

The new design language is athletic in its conception but it has a touch of muted elegance. These new cars have technical and functional ambition, benchmarking the highest standards for performance and finish. It’s an engaging combination of tradition and innovation that seeks to address the tastes and preferences of a new and demanding clientele.

We can see the remnants of Hyundai’s “Fluidic Sculpture” design philosophy in these new cars. The Genesis sub-brand wants to elevate itself while still making good on Hyundai’s reputation for practicality and reliability. In fact, Genesis might not have gotten rolling without the reputation and popular trust built up by Hyundai.

Still, it’s obvious who the G80 and G90 are built for. They have the proportions and profiles of traditional luxury models, meant to compete with rear-wheel drive sedans from Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Meanwhile the Azera sports a revised grille and decidedly German fender, which we could see on the next Sonata.

Time to give Hyundai a second look.

Hyundai wants to take its time rolling out the remainder of the Genesis lineup, and in this case patience is good. We’ve still got a clear indication of what’s to come, and what we have in the meantime is worth getting excited about.

At Hyundai New Bern, we’re fascinated with how Hyundai’s design philosophy has evolved through the years, and we know how important visual appeal is to our customers. We recently got our first Genesis G80 models on the lot, so you can see the future of Hyundai in person when you visit our dealership. Our store is just a short drive from Jacksonville, Morehead City, and Greenville, North Carolina. Stop by now if you want to see them, and make sure you follow us for all the latest news from Hyundai.