We all have important things to do, which is why a car, truck, or SUV that starts up when we need it to is critical to our daily lives. We often take for granted that the vehicle will always be there when we need it. Car batteries are the sole component that gets your car up and running, so it’s vitally important to make sure yours is working properly.

Battery Basics

Your car relies on its battery to get started. Once started, your alternator can help out, but when you put the key in the ignition, only your battery can get you moving.

Batteries usually last between five and six years, so if yours is getting up there in age, it might be time to start considering a new one. Aside from age, batteries can suffer extended use when we leave interior lights on overnight. If you’re questioning the state of your battery, many service centers can test it for you, but first, you’ll have to pay attention to the warning signs.

What to Watch For

Like many automobile components, it can be tricky to figure out exactly when your battery is the problem. Fortunately, there are some pretty clear warning signs, the simplest of which is that your vehicle has trouble starting. If the lights on the instrument panel and center console don’t come on and the car simply cranks and dies, there’s a high probably a low or dead battery is the cause.

Another sign is that your car is having problems with its electrical components. If your power windows are struggling to roll up or down or don’t work at all, there’s a chance your battery doesn’t have enough juice to power them.

While we may occasionally need a jump, if you find yourself relying on jumps from friends or neighbors, your battery is probably on its last legs. Bringing it into a service center for testing or replacement would be a smart choice.

Get Car Battery Service in New Bern, NC

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